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  • The history of the development of the company “CHIMPOLITEK” begins in 2006. We knew that the industry of the oil and gas sector is associated with risks of spills and emissions of petroleum products both on water and on land. In this regard, the CHIMPOLITEK team has embarked on providing oil companies with high-quality equipment for the Localization of Oil Spill Response (OSR). Understanding that working on the OSR equipment market imposes on us a very great responsibility, we focused on high-quality equipment and a well-coordinated team. One of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for OSR is the company DESMI RO-CLEAN (Denmark). Following the negotiations of the management of the companies DESMI RO-CLEAN and CHIMPOLITEK, a strategy for development and interaction was determined. Our specialists have received qualified training at the DESMI RO-CLEAN company in Denmark and received the relevant certificates. In 2007, CHIMPOLITEK received the authority of the official distributor of DESMI RO-CLEAN in Russia and CIS countries.

    The results of more than ten years of development - the successful implementation of many projects and an ever-growing list of partners, including the largest companies, such as: LUKOIL, KTK-R, ROSNEFT, EXXONMOBIL, TRENSNEFT, GAZPROMNEFT and others.

  • The equipment supplied to the enterprises of our partners showed itself from the best side and received the highest possible praise from the operational services.

    Over the years, CHIMPOLITEK has established itself as a reliable and respectable partner, as a result of which it received the right to expand representational powers from DESMI. Since 2018, CHIMPOLITEK has been a distributor of DESMI in the Russian Federation for pumping equipment. DESMI has been manufacturing pumps for various industries for over 140 years.

    Today, СHIMPOLITEK is the exclusive distributor of DESMI on the territory of the Russian Federation, a reliable partner in the field of emergency oil spill response and pumping equipment.

    The main directions of our activity are the supply of equipment for OSR and pumping equipment, the supply of chemical reagents, and personnel trainings (often with the involvement of DESMI specialists). We love our work, do not abandon clients in difficult situations and remember that the main mission of our company is protection of nature and ensuring environmental safety in emergency situations related to oil spills.

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